1st AHVAZ International Stone Sculpture Symposium 2018

1rdAhvaz International Stone Sculpture Symposium is jointly organized by Ahvaz Municipality.

Part I – General Conditions

Article 1. The Ahvaz International Stone Sculpture Symposium will take place in Ahvaz-Khouzestan between 9 april – april 30, 2018.

Article 2.The works to be realized at the symposium, evaluation will made over from two projects which will be sent at the application file by invited artist, the work to be applied will be determined by committee from Ahvaz Municipality and the Faculty of Fine Arts.At the end of the symposium, each artist will be given a participation certificate to be approved both by Ahvaz Municipality and fine art University.

Article 3. Demonstration will be attended by 10 Iranian and 10 foreign artists. One of the participants will be faculty members who assigned by faculty management.

.Article 4. Stone (Travertine) will be used as printing material.

Article 5. Subject of the Symposium:
The symposium will be held in three areas of the following:
- The role of Karoun in the formation of Ahvaz
- Ahvaz, the capital of the Holy Defense
- The role of oil in the dynamics of Ahvaz.

Article 6. The ownership of the works will belong to Ahvaz Municipality. The municipality has the right to place the works in the museum or for temporary exhibitions. The artist will allow other participants and visitors to view the works in progress. Ahvaz Municipality have the right to use images for publicity purpose.

Article 7. The works performed by the artists during the symposium will be exhibited in the sculpture park being prepared in Ahvaz. When the park is completed, it will be placed at places determined by the Symposium Committee and Ahvaz Municipality.

Article 8. The transportation of the artists participating in the symposium, breakfast, lunch and dinner shall be covered by Ahvaz Municipality.

Article 9. The transportation support includes economy class, round-trip airfare and airport coverage for all artists. Each artist will buy his/her own plane ticket, and after arrival, the prices of the tickets will be paid by the organization. Payments will be in Iraninan Rial in return to U.S$. The tickets up to U.S$ 600 will be able to be paid back. No extra luggage fees will be met.

Article 11. Every artist who performs his or her work in the time and place recognized shall be paid a total of 150.000.000 Rial (U.S$ 3200), excluding general expenses and legal taxes as a matter of copyright.

Article 12.
- The symposium in the professional sector will be given a total of three entries by the Jury, which will be presented at the closing ceremony and will be awarded as follows:
- Honorary diploma and amount of U.S$ 2000 for the first person.
- Honorary diploma and the amount of U.S$ 1500 for the second person.
- Honorary diploma and amount of U.S$ 1000 for third person.
- The prize money will be paid to foreign artists equivalent to the above-dollar amount.

Article 13. The participation of artists who cannot come to the symposium if they are entitled to participate in the symposium or artists who are not present at the symposium without any excuse within 3 days from the start date of the symposium will be canceled.

Article 14. The artisans are obliged to be in the field of symposium within working hours and to comply with the symposium calendar. The obligation to leave and an excuse must be reported to the symposium officials. Exceptions that may arise are assessed by the Symposium Committee.

Part II- Conditions of Application:

Article 1. The files to be taken as basis for the selection of the artists to participate in the symposium shall include the following information and documents:
• Application form;
• A resume in English or persian, which does not exceed a typewriter page that the artist has identified as the 10 most important activities he / she participated in;
• A visual document in jpeg format that introduces the artist's five works.
• The artist's drawing in the symposium will show drawings from different angles, model photographs and measurements that do not exceed 2.5m³, assembly scheme, and any additional materials to be used in the sculpture. If the artist deems necessary, a brief description of the work in English or in persian may be included in the file. All documents should be submitted as a single pdf document.
• Contact e-mail address:

Article 2. The application file containing the above documents and not exceeding 1.5 MB in total must be submitted by e-mail below by Tuesday, march 06, 2018 no later than 17.00 hrs. Only e-mailed applications will be accepted.
Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.
Application address:

Article 3. The documents in the application files may be used in press releases and in catalogs and similar publications to be printed later.

Part III- Conditions for Working Area and Material:

Article 1. Each artist of Ahvaz Municipality shall be given a stone block not exceeding 2.5m³ in total. In addition, the installation of the works, the necessary materials for this and the materials required for it - will be covered by the Municipality of Ahvaz if it is stated in the application file. The technical solution and expense for the use of additional materials other than montage belongs to the artist.

Article 2. In the artificial symposium area, 220V electricity, extension cable and compressor for air tools and shade with extension hoses will be provided.

Article 3. Artists are obliged to have their own accident insurance.

Article 4. The study will be carried out in the open air. Artists need to be prepared for seasonal weather conditions, such as sudden rain and heat.

Article 5.Ahvaz Municipality shall be responsible for all kinds of direct and indirect damages, losses and work accidents that participants and third parties may suffer during the seminar.

Article 6. All kinds of taxes, duties and fees and contract expenses shall be paid by Ahvaz Municipality.

Article 7. If the works cannot be performed within the duration of the symposium for any reason (except for coercive reasons), the symposium committee formed by AHVAZ Municipality., Sculpture Department has the right to make decisions. Only Ahvaz Courts and Executive Directorships are authorized to resolve any dispute that may arise in the event of any dispute that may arise with the artists as a result of these decisions, and which may arise under the provisions of the contract and specification, and which cannot be remedied through a friendly settlement.

Symposium Calendar:
06 march 2018 - Deadline for sending files for the symposium.
10 march 2018 - Announcement of selected names
14 march 2018 - The final day for the participants to report on their arrival and departure details for the symposium participants.
9 april 2018 - Meeting: Reception of the artists, settlement in accommodation spaces.
9 april 2018 - Opening ceremony. The beginning of the symposium.
30 april 2018 - Closing ceremony. Giving attendance documents of artists, making general expenses and copyright payments.
01 may 2018 - Departure from Ahvaz.

Symposium location: Ahvaz, West Coast Blvd Island Park.

Applicants who apply to participate in the symposium are deemed to have accepted the symposium specifications and schedule.